REBOOT: Fashion Futures at Ala Moana Center is on View

September 17, 2016
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September 17, 2016 Melissa White

REBOOT: Fashion Futures at Ala Moana Center is on View

The Fashion Annex is a collaboration between HIFI and Ala Moana Center to showcase exhibits that celebrate Hawaii fashion in its many forms.  The first exhibit, Aloha Made, featured a history of aloha prints and garments curated by aloha shirt expert and author Dale Hope and designer Deb Mascia.  The second exhibit, REBOOT, is on display through October 25, 2016.

REBOOT: Fashion Futures features artwork by Solomon Enos and garments by Marques Marzan that explore cultural evolution through fashion. It leads viewers into an imagined future, one that reflects our desire in an age of increasing technology to reassign meaning and ritual to how we dress, the origin of our garments, and what they symbolize.  The exhibit was produced by a creative team including HIFI, Na Mea Hawaii, Cori Mackie, Josh Tengan, and Ara Feducia.

Located in the mauka wing on mall level 2, the exhibit will be open 12-5 daily through October 25.

Click here for a story and artist interviews with Hawaii Public Radio’s Noe Tanigawa.  See below for pics of the exhibit and opening reception.



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